Chapman Services Philosophy

Chapman Services future is dependent on its ability to develop, operate and clean the environment in a manner consistent with our commitment to sustainable development, protection of human life, health and the environment, and adding value to the communities in which we operate.

Along with standard business considerations and the Chapman Services values, our social responsibility commitments form an integral part of our operations. We believe the principles of sustainable development encompass these widely recognized principles:

  • The conservation and preservation of natural resources.
  • The equitable sharing of the benefits of economic activity.
  • The enhancement of the well-being of people.
Keith Chapman - Managing Director

Keith Chapman has been working as a Mechanical Engineer in the Thermal Remediation, Commodities Recycling, Environmental Construction, HMA Asphalt production and Material Handling Industry professionally since 1995. In that time frame, he has been involved in the design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and operation of several stationary and transportable facilities. Some of those facilities included Drill Cuttings management, Hazardous soil remediation, Mixed Waste remediation, Refinery waste handling and Refinery waste to commodity, and Bulk Materials handling and drying.

Tara Reiter - Office Manager

Tara Reiter has been part of the Chapman Services team since 2008. In that time she performed many jobs such as project management, data entry, post equipment parts sales, shop inventory and general data entry and book keeping. In 2012 Mrs. Reiter was promoted to Office Manager for Chapman Services.