Chapman Services

Chapman Services has successfully designed, constructed and employed a wide variety of thermal remediation technologies worldwide.  Technologies are site specific designs custom made per the clients needs. Chapman Services specializes in thermal related technologies such as direct fired thermal remediation units and recycling technologies centered around indirect thermal technologies.  As a result of designing and constructing equipment for several complex remediation and recycling projects throughout the world, Chapman Services has developed unparalleled expertise. Recent Chapman Services thermal units are operating in Trinidad, Australia and the United States.  Chapman Services is continuously seeking innovative technologies in order to keep up with growing environmental concerns.

Complete Solutions

Chapman Services is a full service company that can work with you from selecting the proper equipment for a project, guidance in the permitting process, equipment supplier, equipment setup and commissioning, operator and thermal staff training and we will even help you sell the equipment if desired once the project is complete.  “Cradle to Grave”