Tara Reiter has been part of the Chapman Services team since 2008. In that time she performed many jobs such as project management, data entry, post equipment parts sales,shop inventory and general data entry and book keeping.  In 2012 Mrs. Reiter was promoted to Office Manager for Chapman Services.

Mrs. Reiter’s responsibilities include Financial Reporting, Employee Payroll, Accounts Payable, Budget Forecasting, Tax Reporting and Maintaining Project Records.  Tara’s positive attitude and optimistic outlook on life make her a promising addition to the Chapman Services Team.

Mrs. Reiter graduated from Central Missouri State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Physiology in 1995.   Tara was the Assistant Director at the Ford Claycomo fitness center for 12 years. She specialized in providing on the job injury prevention, work hardening/physical therapy, nutrition counseling and fitness training with factory employees. She then spent 4 years working at the Blue Springs School District specializing in helping children with special needs before she came to work at Chapman Services.