Keith Chapman has been working as a Mechanical Engineer in the Thermal Remediation, Commodities Recycling, Environmental Construction, HMA Asphalt production and Material Handling Industry professionally since 1995.  In that time frame, he has been involved in the design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and operation of several stationary and transportable facilities.  Some of those facilities included Drill Cuttings management, Hazardous soil remediation, Mixed Waste remediation, Refinery waste handling and Refinery waste to commodity, and Bulk Materials handling and drying.

In 2004 Mr. Chapman decided to start his own company with a focus towards helping the owner/operator with developing custom solutions for environmental problems in place of just being an off the shelf equipment supplier.   Chapman Services can work with a contractor from cradle to grave on a project assisting with determining the Best Available Technology, Permit Guidance, Custom Equipment designed and manufactured around project particulars, Equipment setup, Commissioning, Proof of Performance testing, Employee training and helping the owner/operator liquidate equipment after final project completion.

Keith Chapman has developed a wealth of knowledge and experience from the many years and numerous projects he has been associated with that he brings with him to each new project Chapman Services undertakes.  Just a few of the projects he has been involved with include: Drill cuttings management with Indirect rotary dryers in Columbia, Nigeria and Mexico; Hazardous soil clean ups in the United States, Europe and Australia; Recycling and waste to a commodity at a US Refinery; Bulk materials handling and drying in Indonesia and the US; and numerous hydrocarbon cleanups with various technologies on every continent of this great planet except Antarctica.   A few of the companies that Mr. Chapman and Chapman Services has worked with include ECC, Enviropacfic Services, Tuboscope, TD*X Associates, Augean,Envison, Valtec and Remtech, Inc.

Keith Chapman has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Missouri.  He started his professional career in 1995 working for Tarmac Equipment Company in the engineering and project management department under senior Tarmac engineer and owner Ed Banks. He soon took on the additional responsibility of managing one of thecompanies two fabrication shops and by 1998 he was running the project management department with several employees reporting directly to him.  From 1999 to January of 2004, Mr. Chapman was a director and the lead engineer of Tarmac, Inc. in charge of product design and development.

From 2005 through 2006, Mr. Chapman was the Senior Vice president of Remtech, Inc in Portland, Oregon in charge of the companies thermal fleet and assisting in the procurement and bidding of environmental construction and remediation projects.  In mid  2006 through mid 2007, Mr. Chapman was a partner in MAWE, a Nigerian company, where he and his partners brought an indirect thermal treatment plant to Warri, Nigeria and established a complete cuttings management facility.  MAWE was awarded a service contract by Shell Dutch Royal after the successful demonstration of the facility.  In that same year, Mr. Chapman designed and built an Indirect thermal plant for various oily waste streams for Terra Sana, LTD. of Malta. That plant was set up and commissioned for Augean in the United Kingdom.

Since 2008, Keith Chapman has dedicated his full time efforts to the growth of Chapman Services, LLC. and serves as the companies Managing Director and Senior Business Development.